Winners of the vouchers

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Winners of the vouchers 2018

For the year 2018 the winners are:

  • booking: Istvan
  • holidaycheck: Jessica
  • tripadvisor: Martin

The winners got a EUR 100 voucher which can be redeemed for their next holiday. We congratulate and are happy to see them again.

We chose the winner by a random number generated in Excel.

Evaluate us now and win EUR 100,-

You did not give us a review already? Then do it right now! If you stayed 2018 at our apartment house you can take part at the raffle 2019 because we take all reviews given in 2019 (no matter of the date of stay). 

Here are the links where you can give us a review:

Tipp: Give us reviews on more platforms to increase your chances to win a voucher!